Monday, April 20, 2009

Portland, Oregon

I was there recently. I didn't have access to a real camera on the trip, so I had to take crappy camera phone pictures. Just thought I'd post them. None of these pictures are artwork necessarily, but it's an extremely cool city. Very unique culture.

Portland is nicknamed the City of Roses (or something like that) because the city has moist winters and cool summers, which are apparently the optimum conditions for growing roses all over the place. here is a tree in front of someone's house that was chock-full of roses. I didn't know you could grow them on trees.
Lot's of public art in Portland.

Just some metal roosters
Cool sign for a theater (I think. It might have been a hotel).
Flying metal pigs.
Some bronze (i think) beavers
Big ol' metal horse.
More rooster bissness.

Some cool painted fish displayed on the side of a parking garage (I know it's a bad picture)