Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Girl From Salamanca

She talks to me in the night
Whispering in my ear
Telling me stories

During the day, when she is in the bakery
I am free to daydream about her
Such a wispy beauty!
Her curved spine is but another curve in her figure
Like an old tree
Hugging me with its branches
Fingers like branches--
Long; delicate.

In the evening we meet
Dine on wine and cheese
She makes me laugh.
But not my usual cackle...
An unfamiliar sound escapes me,
Richer than the wine or the cheese.
A deep, hearty laugh.

We retire,
The girl from Salamanca, and I.
The phonograph skips
And she whispers in my ear,
Maybe talking, maybe singing, maybe telling me stories
I cannot tell as I sail off to sleep.
I dream not of her, but with her,
Falling asleep in eachother's arms

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Objects Of Freedom

It is my firmly held belief
That only boring people
Have the capacity to lead a boring life.
Cut from a different mold than I,
I should think.

I will be as free as an airplane!
Or a subway car!
Or as an actor.

Free!  Free!  Free to live where I please
And think what I please.
These things are very important to me.
As are my books
And hats and scarves
And mittens and boots and coats.
Clothes for the summer months too.
For when I return.
Like an airplane,
Or a subway car.

Or a goose,
Coming home to find a quick fix.
Before he leaves again,
When autumn blows in,
This time, for good.

I Remember

Je me souviens
The Rocket
Flying.  A streak of
Dancing Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge

Je me souviens
When the Anglos told
The Rocket
It could not fly

Je me souviens
How the people revolted
The passion of hundreds of years
Of poverty ...Je me souviens

Monday, October 26, 2009

Requiem For An Aging Shoe

I felt so new
So crisp and fully saturated

Now I am worn

A year is not a long time
Relatively, for a human
But it is for a shoe

I remember running
Being untied

I don’t even look good anymore

Take me to the gallows!
To the electric chair!
To both;
To the telephone wire!
I would rather hang, singed hourly by electricity
Like a leather Prometheus
Than be neglected
Any longer

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Isn't it curious how when you take a piss, the top of the water in the toilet bowl foams up just like a bubble bath? Perverse...yet, soothing. And nostalgic, because I remember noticing those things when I was really young, and thinking it was cool back then. I don't think I've really noticed it since then, until just now.


Friday, October 16, 2009

The Great Southwestern Cactus Society

I like the first part that I photographed close up the best. Originally I intended for all three pieces to be mounted together, but I might end up just mounting that one on its own.

Self-Portrait, Chuck Close Style

marlon brando in "on the waterfront"

For a contest at a local movie theater. The theme is "what's special about Hoboken?" winner gets $1,000. wish me luck!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

the guy who took the photo of piccasso that i painted, passed away today

His name was Irving Penn, I don't know much about his work, other than that it was featured in an old issue of Life Magazine that I was going through. I thought it was a cool photo so I decided to paint it, and my painting won a Judge's Award in the Teen Art's Fair, which was pretty cool. Like I said I'm not that familiar with his work, but I figured I'd put something up here about it. His photo inspired me and I'm sure he's inspired other people too.

In other news, I don't know if anyone reads this blog but I realized I haven't uploaded any real art of mine in a while. I have a bunch of stuff, I just have to take pictures of it.