Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Army From The North

Standing at the banks of the river
I can hear their citizens cheer their heroes.
Always victorious,
They make boys out of the strongest,
Fiercest men we have.

Sometimes, in my most desperate moments,
I consider treason...
But I could never!

Why do I stand here,
On the banks of the river?
It is a tempting river to cross,
And so very,

Some may find it easier to break such young loyalties.
But although these loyalties are young,
They are not untested.

I stand on the southern bank
Because my father stood here,
23 years ago,
When we were victorious.
When, for a fleeting moment,
The Queen bested the King.

O, how I wish I could celebrate--
Not in cheering their beloved army
But in cheering my own.
Just as my father did.

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